Set Goals
Get Supporting Structure
Take Actions, Accomplish
Experience Fulfillment, Inspire Others


Welcome to The Shine Project!

Read more about the project, how it works, and what to expect out of (free) participation; or go straight ahead and register your Gold and Silver goals. The light-weight registration process takes less than two minutes: Enter your name or alias along with your two goals. You are done, no password or verification email is required.

Declaring your goals and sharing them with others raises the level of your commitment to achieve them.

Notes on privacy:

  • You may choose to participate anonymously if  you like by leaving your name blank when <a style="font-weight:normal;" title="Current phaseThere are often cases where a goal is personal and as a participant you may want to not share the details. Such goals may be registered in a symbolic way, for example “Secure $x investment for project ABC”, or “Read the book XY”.

Warning: The project is going to challenge you to be at your best!